To the Moon is a professional children's performance group that provides children with a first-time introduction to music and theatre through the eyes of our four space companions who have accidentally crash landed on Earth: Momo the Mechanic, Renka the Robot, Finny, and Arla. These curious characters love to explore new things with dynamic flare as they excitedly immerse themselves in their new surroundings.


This vibrant performance group is comprised of junior and high school aged students to help further each individual's performing arts experience, and to provide a competitive portfolio for these students entering a university level performing arts education. These talented, hard-working youths receive first-hand professional coaching with the opportunity to develop their current performance skills in an advanced setting.


To The Moon is the creative brain child of Lee Bell (LAB Soundworks) and Linda Warkentin (Steel Poppy Productions); both come from the "small town" of Meadow Lake and at young ages seeped themselves in music and the arts. Coming from a small town these town individuals actively support music and the arts in their community and are professional performers and instructors who strive to share and pass on their gifts with as many young and upcoming artists as they can.

What is To The Moon?

January 27, 2016

This year's dynamic cast boast Olivia Balisky as Momo, Grayson Marsh as Finny, Lara Van de Venter as Arla, and Teigyn Warkentin as Renka the robot.


Olivia Balisky (18) has had a passion for the arts from a very young age. Performing has taken on a large role in her life. The highlights of her career so far include: the 2013 summer tour with Saskatchewan Express, various high school drama productions and, of course, the opportunity to perform as Momo in To The Moon. She is currently enrolled in her last year of high school with the intention of attending a triple threat performing arts college in the fall.


Grayson Marsh (18) graduated from high school in 2015. He participated in extracurricular drama for six years, and won the award for best actor at a Regional Drama Festival in 2014. In his spare time, Grayson enjoys singing, computer programming, and reading. He has been a part of the Meadow Lake Junior Forest Wardens club for all of his life and is currently a leader in the club. Grayson has applied for university next year, and dreams of being a software developer.


Lara Van de Venter (16) has been participating in the performing arts since a young age with performances in Music Festivals, school choirs, piano exmas, and community and school drama performances. She hopes to pursue a career in either the performing arts or politics. Lara would like to thank the To The Moon creators and Telemircale for the opportunity to take part in such an amazing event.


Teigyn Warkentin (18) started performing at four years old, and she has kept the performing arts as a very active part of her life. Her other passions include writing, and she dreams to be a best-selling author. When she was 16 she was approached about writing the script for an upcoming children's show, To The Moon. Teigyn would be pleased to thank the To The Moon crew and Telemiracle for helping her practise and improve both of these skills.

Meet the Cast

January 27, 2016